I add to my crochet bucket list

This past week when I should have been focused on one of the myriad chores on my never-ending to-do list, I found myself looking through various projects at ravelry and finding several that I wanted to do right now.

While I was not disciplined enough to avoid looking at new projects all together, I was sufficiently shamed that rather than dropping everything to begin work on the must-make items that were tempting me, I simply clicked one electronic button and then another to add the projects in question to my increasingly longer queue at ravelry.

Here is one of the projects that caught my eye and is now number 80 on my crochet bucket list:

A flip flop inspired coaster for my crochet bucket list
A flip flop inspired coaster for my crochet bucket list

This delightful coaster is the brainchild of Amber Jones who is known as “yarnpixie” at Flickr and has a blog by the same name.

As for the specifics of the coaster pattern, you can find them here.

Not content to add just one project to my queue, I clicked around until I came across yet another enchanting embellishment that is now number 79:

crochetbug, crochet bows, crochet applique, crochet embellishment,
Adaiha Covington’s crochet bows

Ms. Covington has a number of projects that have caught my eye, but as I am experiencing an increased personal interest in embellishments, I was particularly drawn to this one.

If you want to learn more about Ms. Covington’s projects in her own words, you can find her blog here, and if you want to go straight to her pattern for the bow, you can click right here.

As for me, I can hardly wait until the obligations of spring are past, and I can get down to the business of crochet, uninterrupted.