Square 57

Each year, the end of boychoir season brings with it a flurry of rehearsals and concerts and more rehearsals.

All of this choir activity coincides with all of the obligations of the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.

There are plans to be made, forms to be filled out, and appointments to be kept.

So, on a day like today when there are a number of these transitional chores to be done, it is nice to be involved in a crochet-a-long composed of manageable pieces that can be done in the small bits of uninterrupted time that I am able to string together.

After I had finished with the day’s errands, I got out my Etimo 5.0mm hook my stash of Red Heart yarn, and my copy of Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares.

I quickly decided which color I would use for the center, and grabbed a ball of Red Heart Classic peacock, and made a chain-4 ring. In short order, I finished the first round:

a turqua crochet circle center for crochet squares 57
Round one of crochet square 57

The second round took a bit longer. After trying two other colors, I finally settled on shocking pink:

the second round of crochet square 57 worked in pink
Rounds one and two of crochet square 57

I picked up the pace with round three and (without any hesitation) used the dark orchid:

a third round of crochet square 57 worked in purple
Rounds one, two, and three of crochet square 57

and I finished the final round on my second color try:

A fourth and final round for crochet square 57 crocheted in yellow
Crochet Square 57

This is the time of year when the carefree days of summer edge closer and closer, but are not quite within my grasp, and these small bits that I am able to accomplish sustain me until the long hot days of summer.