I almost finish a beginner’s project

This morning, after I had my first cup of coffee, I picked up where I left off with yesterday’s beginner’s project.

While it was a gloriously errand-free day, it was not without interruption, so I did not finish crocheting until early afternoon, and as can be seen from this photo:

James Walter's beginner's crochet project
I complete the beginner’s crochet project from James Walters’ Crochet workshop

it definitely needed to be blocked. While I turned my attention to what would come next, I let the project soak in a bowl of warm soapy water, then removed the excess by rolling it between towels.

Once I had gotten as much of the water out as was possible using the towels, I got out my Knitter’s Block and pinned the project into place:

blocking a crochet project
I use my Knitter’s Block to block the beginner’s crochet project

Knowing that wet fabric of any kind never dries when watched, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my best to ignore the project altogether.

Except that I couldn’t.

Since I had finished what will no doubt become known as “the first motif,”I found that my mind wandered back to the piece that was drying.

If I experienced a spasm of ambition, I could make another two or three of the motifs which could then be assembled (perhaps using a join-as-you go method for subsequent motifs) and used as a runner for a dresser.

If got super ambitious, I could make another 35 of them or so, join them and voila! I’d have an enormous cover for my bed.

I don’t know where this motif will lead me, but I know I will have fun getting there.

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  1. It’s absolutely beautiful! nice job. I think maybe I should get that book and try it. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a “knitter’s block?” Thanks.

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