I attempt to adopt and adapt to technology

I live in household of early adopters, and my reluctance to embrace technology with the same fervor and enthusiasm as others in my home is a source of consternation.

One such technology that I have been slow to adopt is the calendar.

While many people and cultures have attempted to understand and tame time, my experience with incorporating calendars into my life has, for the most part, been limited to choosing one with pictures I like.

Much to the distress of those around me, I keep my schedule in my head, and I very rarely commit to paper those dates and information that I think of as important.

Experience has taught me that once I transcribe an important or time sensitive thought, it is immediately shunted off to the area of my brain labeled “you don’t need to think about this ever again.”

However, because so many of the things I crochet are of my own design, I have found it helpful to make notes to which I can refer in case I want to make an item for a second time or use an element of an earlier design in another project.

Initially, I made my notations on whatever paper was handy: backs of grocery receipts and boychoir newsletters, in the margins of other documents that had another purpose and importance that would insure their safety from recycling and trash. But the scrawled notes never seemed to be translated into anything usable, and in due time, they would be thrown out.

I also tried taking notes using the application in my cellphone. This too had limitations, and once I input the information (which was a chore in itself), I seldom looked at it again.

Enter the Moleskine notebook.

My affaire de coeur with these notebooks began innocently enough while standing in line at a bookstore waiting for my turn to make my purchases.

The only things standing between me getting out of the store were a couple of customers and a display devoted solely to Moleskin products. The notebooks came, for the most part, in one color. Like the Model T, you could have it in any color you wanted as long as you wanted black, but while the colors were limited, there were a variety of convenient sizes as well as three options for the paper: lined, unlined, and grid.

I had been undecided about the purchase as it did not have the usual colorful covers that I had, up until then, favored in my notebooks, but once I saw that I could have a notebook that would fit in my purse with what amounted to graph paper, I was sold.

Then, in late 2009, while looking for Christmas presents, I added a Moleskine calendar to my collection. I had looking for a notebook for the girlfriend of one of my older son’s when I came across a Moleskine calendar that I was unable to resist, and despite my spotty history with calenders, I did use it — some. When the end of 2010 rolled around, I was determined to find a calendar/notebook just like last year’s.

Except I didn’t.

Instead, I found this:

Moleskine rainbow calendar
My 2011 Moleskine calendar

Which in turn let me to moleskine.com and a promotion for a “Wise Dice DIY.”

While I had no particular interest in making a paper dodecahedron die, I did see a lot of potential from a crochet perspective, and to that end, I got out my 3.75mm hook, my stash of Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and used the pentagon pattern for my crocheted soccer ball to make 12 pentagons, one for each month of the year:

Moleskine calendar and crochet pentagons
A rainbow of crochet pentagons and monthly Moleskine notebooks

Moleskine calendar and crochet pentagons
My 2011 Moleskine calendar encircled by 12 crochet pentagons

Tomorrow my youngest son has his first trumpet lesson of the new year, and my new calendar will, no doubt, come in handy when I schedule the second one.

One thought on “I attempt to adopt and adapt to technology

  1. Dear Crochetbug,

    first…i wish you and your Family a Happy New Year 2011 and all the best!!!
    I love your Moleskine 2011 and love the colourful Hexagons… very bautiful!!!
    Where do you buy your Moleskine 2011? I can not find it on the Moleskine Website. Thank you so much for your Help…
    Enjoy your Week and i send you many Greetings,


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