My multi-colored dodecahedron begins to take shape

Today I got to use volume 1 of my 2011 Moleskine calendar.

Fittingly, the first entry I made for the year is the date and time of my son’s next trumpet lesson, and in between driving my son hither and yon, I also got some work done on the dodecahedron that is designed to coordinate with the aforementioned calendar.

After making the pentagons needed for a multi-colored dodecahedron, I began joining them.

Initially, I joined them in the pentagons in the same manner that I had joined the motifss for the African flower soccer ball: right sides together with a single crochet through both loops of each motif.

The result was a more rounded look than I wanted for the edges:

crochet pentagons crochet dodecahedron
Multicolor crochet dodecahedron joined with right sides together

So this morning, after I had had sufficient coffee, and before my son’s first trumpet lesson of the year, I pulled out the offending seams and started over.

This time I put the wrong sides of the motifs together and worked a single crochet through both loops of both motifs. This made for a very pronounced edge, but I decided to go with that, and here is the result:

crochet pentagons dodecahedron
Multi-colo red crochet dodecahedron joined with wrong sides together

crochet pentagons crochet dodecahedron
Another view of my multicolor crochet dodecahedron joined with wrong sides together

Sometimes I wish I could know exactly how something is going to turn out before I try it. It would, in its way, be more efficient.

But sometimes the only way to learn something is to begin the process, and then, if necessary, do what is needed so that you can start over.