I begin the work of finishing

Yesterday nearly got away from me entirely, but somewhere in the late mid-afternoon, I decided that everything but my current front burner project could wait, and I stopped allowing myself to be interrupted and moved onto to the work of finishing.

In an effort to make some forward progress, I decided that I would start with weaving in the ends of all of the medium squares, thereby creating some finishing mojo within the project. Armed with my bent-tipped Clover yarn needle, I got to work and before the day was done I had woven in all of the ends:

14 medium textured crochet squares
Fourteen medium textured crochet squares with the ends woven in

With the ends of the medium textured squares put to bed, I decided that the next thing that absolutely positively had to get done was to finish crocheting all of the small squares that comprise the center of all of the large squares.

After my previous work on the small squares, I was still twenty small squares shy of what was needed, but after a diligent effort on my part and a fair amount of luck, I got done what needed doing, and this afternoon, before the sun set on the Thursday that went by way-too-fast, I laid out all of the pieces I have made so far and got this photo:

textured crochet blanket progress
An overview of my progress so far

As is clear from the unjoined squares, the unwoven in and untrimmed ends, and the sizable gaps where I have laid out groups of four small squares that have yet to be transformed into the larger squares that they will become, there is a lot of work to be done, but if I am able to focus to my efforts in the next forty-eight hours as I was finally able to in this past forty-eight hours, there is a good chance that I will have this done before February first, and I will be ready to move onto what is next.


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