I finish the third row and move onto the fourth

Yesterday, while I enjoyed a lazy day of crochet, so did my pets:

crochetbug, Clooney on the dog sofa, crochet cat runner, crochet for pets
The permutations cat runner in action

Up until recently my cat had not been using the cat runner I made especially for her. To encourage her to use it, I made a point of telling her that I had made it for the dog. She seems to have taken my statement to heart, and is now bent on claiming the permutations cat runner for her own.

While yesterday was luxurious and lazy, today was filled with unexpected and urgent errands. When I had finally dispatched my non-crochet chores (one of which included successfully circumventing morning traffic at the high school), the first order of crochet business was to make a bear hexagon so that I could move forward with what remained of the third row of my Project Linus project.

When I got to the ears, I decided to make not only what I needed for the bear hexagon I was working on at the moment, but also for the four remaining bear hexagons in my near future.

I even wove in the ends:

crochetbug, crochet hexagons, crochet pigs, crochet bears, crochet lions, crochet dogs, crochet birds, crochet turtles, crochet blanket, crochet afghan, crochet bear ears
Eight crochet bear ears

I enjoyed the feeling that finishing the ears gave me as I am at a point in the project where it isn’t exactly crocheting itself. I know that at some point the speed will pick up and it will begin to come together in ways I don’t expect, but right now, I am in a period of what I think of as “crochet by accretion,” and to keep my mental crochet mojo going, I sometimes find it helpful to “finish” something, even if it is just eight bear ears.

Buoyed by my bear ear success, I used some fiberfill that I had at hand and stuffed two of yesterday’s five turtle heads and attached one to each of two formerly headless turtles:

crochetbug, crochet turtles, crochet blanket, crochet hexagons, crochet afghan, crochet throw, anne halliday
Two formerly headless turtles waiting to become hexagons

I then harnessed the finishing crochet mojo I had been accumulating and not only finished the third row:

I finish joining three rows of crochet hexagons for a crochet blanket
Three rows done, twelve to go!

but got a decent start on the fourth as well:

After joining three rows of crochet hexagons, I move onto the fourth
I get a start on the fourth row

Looking at the photo more closely than I did the actual piece, I see that I failed to crochet ears for the pig in the second row. I guess I had better go harness some of the mojo that remains and get that done.


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  1. With so many little parts, it’s amazing you only forgot the ears! This is so cool now, when it’s done it’s gonna be amazing!

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