The ides of February

If we still used a Roman calender, that is what today would have been — the ides of February.

It was, for me, in most ways an ordinary day, and as far as crochet goes, I spent most of my time on the project I have titled “If pigs (and dogs and birds and bears and frogs and lions and turtles) could fly,” first adding some ears to a pig I had inadvertently left earless:

a crochet pig hexagon with crochet ears ready for the ides of February
The previously earless pig gets some ears

and then moving on to completing the hexagons needed for row four, joining them to each other, and then joining the completed fourth row to the other three:

four rows of crochet hexagons to celebrate the ides of february
Four rows done, eleven to go!

All of that joining went reasonably well with just one minor crochet drama that occurred as a result of failing to pay attention to which hexagon I was joining where.

I did not notice my mistake until had woven in the end, trimmed it, and begun the process of joining the next hexagon which compounded the error and made the undoing a bit more challenging, but it was done soon enough, and I moved on to the fifth row, and that is where things slowed appreciably.

While I do have a stash of completed hexagons, I had none in the colors I needed for the fifth row, so I dug into the basket that houses the UFOs that are the current focus of my attention and used what pre-made pieces I could find to get to make two of the four color cluster hexagons needed for the fifth row.

Not only did I not have the color cluster hexagons in the colors needed, except for one dog, I didn’t have any of the animal hexagons ready to go; toward that end, I worked on the five frogs I had already begun:

marking the ides of february with five future crochet hexagon frogs
Five future frogs in various states of completion

Despite what feels to me like a glacial pace of completion, I am learning a lot from this project that I will be able to use in future crochet endeavors,

In the meantime with just 15 working days left in February, I am keeping my focus on the unfinished projects that abound and will try to get a few more into the “ta-done” column.

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