I finish the Victorian texting gloves and get a start on a Fantascot

Yesterday, after the sun had set, I got out my 4.5mm hook, and my notes one what colors I would use and in what order and made the 25th African flower hexagon in my African flower hexagon meditation series:

crochetbug, crochet flower, crochet hexagon, crochet african flower, crochet motif, crochet meditation. crochet flowers, crochet hexagons
The 25th African flower hexagon

However, there was no daylight left by which I could check to make sure that the colors pleased me so I set it aside to be dealt with today at some undetermined time after the sun had risen and errands had been run and before sunset.

With that decided, this morning, after I had dispatched my beginning-of-the-day obligations, I got busy with the work of finishing the pair of Victorian texting gloves. The details took longer than I expected but I got them done

crochetbug, crochet texting gloves, textured crochet, crochet shells, crochet fingerless gloves
A pair of Victorian texting gloves

and hot-footed it over to Third Place Coffee House to meet up for the puzzle trade.

I made it with three minutes to spare, and 90 minutes and one triple macchiato later, I was the proud guardian of this antique/vintage puzzle:

crochetbug, puzzle, round puzzle, round jigsaw puzzle
A vintage puzzle box with a puzzle in it

The puzzle is destined to be a hostess gift for a cousin of mine I see once a year

And during the ninety minutes of that visit, I got to work on a project I stumbled across just this morning: A Fantascot.

What, you might ask yourself, is a Fantascot?

Well, it is the creation of Tracy St. John whose name my readers might recall from my effort to make her inimitable and world famous Groovyghan:

crochet blanket with crochet fringe, crochetbug, crochet squares, textured crochet flowers, crochet dots, granny squares, crochet circles
The groovyghan gets a hyperbolic crochet fringe

The Fantascot is party Groovyghan, part cowl, and using a 3.75 mm hook and my vast stores of what is now vintage Classic Elite waterspun felted merino roving that I have tucked away in my yarn annex, I got to work, starting with the dot motifs:

crochetbug, crochet squares, crochet circles, crochet ascot
Three dot motifs for a crochet Fantascot

Once those were done, I turned my attention to crocheting the squares that will form the background of three flower motifs:

crochetbug, croche squares, crochet flowers, crochet in the round, crochet ascot
Two flower motifs-to-be for a crochet Fantascot

A couple of errands later, I made it home and took a moment to add the 25th hexagon to the meditation:

crochetbug, crochet flowers, crochet hexagons, African flower crochet hexagon, crochet meditation, scrap buster, stash buster
Twenty-five hexagons into my meditation

and finish as much of the 26th hexagon as I could before sunset:

crochetbug, crochet, crochet flower, crochet hexagon, crochet african flower, crochet motif, crochet meditation
The African flower hexagon mediation with hexagons 23 and 24 joined

As was true with the Groovyghan, I am enjoying my work on Tracy St. John’s Fantascot enormously, and I cannot thank her enough for creating these visual representations of joy that do so much to make the heart glad.

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  1. So looking forward to seeing the Fantascot when complete, and enjoying the process as you go!

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