I love yarn day

By order of the Craft Yarn Council of America, October 14, 2011, has been decreed “I love yarn day.”

I don’t know how you are going to celebrate this momentous occasion, but I began my preparations today. (This despite the fact I had myriad errands to run as a result of putting off to another day everything I possibly could in the run up to the state fair).

On Tuesday, in the aftermath of finishing my North Carolina State Fair project (the fair opened today, by the way), I attempted to restore order to my home.

I started by reclaiming my Lifesavers® inspired scrap bag from the cat and filling it with balls of yarn that I had wound from the yarn leftover from the project:

crochet stash basket, lifesavers colors, crochetbug
My Lifesavers® inspired crochet stash basket with remnants from my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project

Last April I had made a pet mat using ball of yarn composed of strands of yarn scraps tied together which I then paired with a strand of soft navy. Using Kim Werker’s Bullseye pet mat pattern, I made this pet mat:

Bullseye Pet Mat made from a strand of worsted weight acrylic and a strand of tied together yarn scraps

I found the result sufficiently charming that I wanted to experiment with it more, so this morning while I sat in a waiting room, and late this afternoon while I sat waiting at a trumpet lesson, I tied the yarn ends together, one after another. This yarn reclamation effort began the day looking like this:

yarn scraps, crochetbug
A nest of yarn scraps with two yarn scrap balls

and ended the day looking like this:

yarn scraps, crochetbug
My progress thus far assembling scraps

While it is apparent that I still have quite a few scraps to go before I am finished joining them, it is my hope is that I finish tying the scraps together tomorrow with sufficient time left to get to work on a new pet mat.

4 thoughts on “I love yarn day

  1. I love the idea of not letting anything go to waste! I have to admit that I have a huge bag full of left overs from my projects and I make squares for charity once a year with them. Some look really funky!

  2. Wow!!! I have reluctantly been throwing my scraps away after deciding there was not a thing I could possibly do with them. Now I don’t have to feel like I’m wasting something!

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