I make substantive progress on the six sudoku afghan

Today I had every intention of finishing the Fantascot, but I started my crochet day working on the six sudoku afghan, and once it got hold of me, it wouldn’t let go.

It began innocently enough when I made as many blue squares as I could from what was left of a skein of Red Heart Super Saver blue that I had used in another project.

Once I got to to the end of that skein, I then pieced together as many rows as I could with the squares that I had, and then I made a few more squares in a variety of colors as needed.

I could have gone on like that until sunset, but about ten minutes before the school bus my son rides was due to arrive, I realized how late it had gotten, and I quickly stepped outside to get this photo:

I make progress on the six sudoku crochet blanket
Six sudoku afghan as of December 13, 2012

With my son’s arrival now just minutes away, I rounded up the project pieces, grabbed the notebook with the chart of which squares go when, and put the whole shebang on the guest bed in my crochet empire; I then covered the project with a nearby afghan for good measure.

With the six sudoku afghan safely out of sight, I headed downstairs and turned my attention to the Fantascot I am making for my mother.

I had really thought I would get it done today, as all I had left to do was crochet the upper and lower ripple edging, but the the first round of both the upper and lower edges require close attention in order to get the stitch count right, and I found that out by not paying as close attention as I needed to.

But eventually, I was able to move forward, finishing the top edge, and completing one of fiver rounds of the bottom edge.

Here is one view:

I make progress on the crochet ascot by completing the crochet work of the border
One side of the Fantascot with some of the upper and lower edging completed

and here is another:

My progress on the crochet ascot as seen from the other side
The other side of the Fantascot with some of the upper and lower edging completed

Tomorrow, the Fantascot is definitely going on my “get this done today” list so that I can block it and get it dried in time for my mom to have it for the next cold snap. In the meantime I have no doubt that visions of suduoku puzzles will be dancing in my head.


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