I nearly finish the Fantascot and push foward on the six sudoku afghan

Today I woke up wanting to get to my crochet. I was nearly done with the Fantascot I have been working on, and I was anxious to get going on the six sudoku afghan I had recently rediscovered, but I had unavoidable errands to run.

They were not particularly arduous or unpleasant, but like all errands, they took time, so I did not get as much crochet done as I would have liked, but still, I made forward progress.

Since one of errands took me right past my mother’s home, in a reversal of how I organized my crochet day on Monday and Tuesday, the first I project I worked on was the Fantascot so that while I was in the vicinity, I could pop in and see how it fit before I began adding the upper and lower ripple edges.

The first thing I did was finish weaving in all of the ends and joining all but one seam of the Fantascot:

crochetbug, crochet squares, crochet circles, crochet stripes, crochet strips, crochet flowers, granny squares, textured crochet squares, crochet ascot
The Fantascot with all of the strips completed and before the ends are joined

Next, I completed the one remaining seam.

Here is one side of the Fantascot:

crochetbug, crochet ascot, crochet circles, granny squares, double crochet stripes, catherine wheel crochet stitch, crochet flower, crochet circles
One side of the Fantascot with the ends sewn together

here is the other:

With the crochet Fantascot completed, I can focus my attention on the six sudoku afghan
The other side of the Fantascot with the ends sewn together

and here is a detail of the Catherine’s wheel strip which I loved making so much and found so engaging, I was ready to abandon all my holiday projects and just make row after row of this stitch pattern:

crochetbug, crochet ascot, catherine wheel crochet stitch, textured crochet stitch
Detail of the Fantascot Catherine’s wheel strip

Instead, once I got home from my mother’s (and the Fantascot looks as though it will fit perfectly), I pulled out my chart and got to work on the six sudoku afghan:

The first sudoku of a six sudoku afghan begins to take shape
The six sudoku afghan as of December 12, 2012

and while I am not yet convinced I will be able to get this project done by bedtime on December 24, I will give it a try.


2 thoughts on “I nearly finish the Fantascot and push foward on the six sudoku afghan

  1. Your fantascot looks delightful! Going to have a go at one of these in the post-Christmas period I think! I’ve downloaded the pattern but not looked through it properly yet. Hope it’s not too complicated for less virtuoso crocheters like myself! Your mother will love it, I’m sure. Happy Advent, Lesley! E x

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