I do battle with the yarn slug

Sometimes you can escape your past and where you come from, and sometimes you cannot.

The latter is where I found myself today.

As soon as I got my son off to school and attended to the most immediate chores, I ventured (for the second day in a row) into the yarn annex, an unfinished attic room that can only be accessed through my youngest son’s bedroom.

I was there in search of additional pieces that I might (or might not) have made for the six sudoku afghan, but in order to get to the plastic bins that might (or might not) contain the pieces that I might (or might not) have made, I had to get past a collection of unfinished objects that have become tangled in what my son refers to as a “yarn slug.”

The “yarn slug” is a testament to the way things that are completely unrelated can become inextricably bound to one another.

Contained in the yarn slug are a variety of yarns and projects including the following:

A large, unfinished joi du joi for which I used multiple strands of Red Heart Super Saver amethyst yarn crocheted around a small hula hoop

Two neutral shades of ribbon yarn I had thought I would use to make window coverings

The pieces of a county fair project that had to be abandoned at the last minute due to piecing complications

The yarns to be used in the making of a granny square jacket for which there are a dozen or so completed squares

Some vintage Red Heart Classic in the candy colorway

This and other assorted projects and yarns have come from disparate times in my life and have coalesced into one, large tangle that I have, for the most part ignored.

While I periodically attempt to unravel one bit from another, I am torn: Do I expend a lot of time in an attempt to save the yarn so that it is usable, or do I save time and simply cut away the yarns and projects that no longer have any value to me?

Today I did a bit of both and made a bit of progress, but because I have so many projects I want to finish in the next 13 days, I set an alarm for 10:00am and stopped where I was when the alarm chimed, gathered together the pieces of the six sudoku afghan that I have found so far, and pieced together what I could before I had to put it up:

crochetbug, crochet sudoku, crochet squares, crochet blocks, crochet puzzle, crochet afghan, crochet blanket, crochet puzzle
The six sudoku afghan as of December 11, 2012

Having done as much as I could with the six sudoku afghan before it was time for my son to get home, I spend the rest of my time on the Fantascot, weaving in ends:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crochet flowers, crochet ascot, crochet stripes, granny squares
The Fantascot with ends in need of weaving in

adding a border to the stripe strip:

a panel of double crochet stripes for a crochet ascot
The stripe strip with a border

and then piecing as much of it together as was possible before dark:

a nearly completed crochet ascot with double crochet stripes, catherine's wheels, and granny squares
The Fantascot with all of the strips completed and before the ends are joined

The days are flying by, and soon I will have to make decisions about what projects can be completed and which must be set aside to make room for the holiday, but happily for me, today is not that day.



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  1. ah! this sounds so familiar that you might be in my house! Different projects, different places, but similar mo’s. A relief somehow to read about- I am not alone in the Universe!

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