I unearth a long abandoned project and continue work on the Fantascot

Today was the day I finally accepted that I have to set aside my African flower hexagon meditation for a bit so that I can make a serious effort to finish the projects I would like to give as Christmas gifts this year.

The reality hit me this morning when I realized my son had just ten of school left until his Christmas break.

There is one project in particular that I would like to finish before he is home from school for his break — a six sudoku afghan that I had intended to surprise him with for one of his trips to Space Camp. So today while he was at school, I surveyed the crochet landscape and did my best to find the pieces of a project begun long ago and that was intended as a gift for him.

The first order of business was to find the planning and design notes I had made prior to beginning the project. It took a bit of sorting through things in the crochet empire/guest room, but eventually, I not only got together a box of things to go out for recycle pick up tomorrow, I also found the ever important page of notes:

the plotting of a future sudoku crochet blanket
Plans for a crochet sudoku afghan

And while I know I made many more pieces than what I was able to find today, I did track down this piece of the future six sudoku puzzle afghan:

three crochet nine-patch squares for a sudoku crochet blanket
Three of fifty-four blocks needed for a six sudoku puzzle afghan

One thing I had not made a note of in my scribblings was what size hook I had used. So I spent the next 30 minutes crocheting Bauhaus blocks (the basic unit of this project) with varying size hooks until I got a matching square with a 6.0 mm hook

After I had spent as much time reconstructing the details of this long abandoned project as I cared to, I put everything away and got back to the Fantascot I am working on for my mother.

First, I finished weaving in the ends of the stripe strip:

A swatch of double crochet stripes for a crochet ascot
The Fantascot stripe strip with the ends woven in and ready for trimming

then, I trimmed them:

A swatch of double crochet stripes with the ends woven in and trimmed
The Fantascot stripe strip with the ends trimmed

With that done, I resumed work on and finished the Catherine’s wheel strip I had started shortly before sunset yesterday:

the crochet pieces of a future crochet ascot
The Fantascot with the Catherine’s wheel strip finished

Then, I attached the Catherine’s wheel strip to the granny strip and completed four rows of the lengthwise stripe strip before the sun set on my crochet day:

another view of the crochet pieces for the crochet ascot
Where I was with the Fantascot as the sun began to set on my crochet day

Tomorrow after my son leaves for school, I will once again venture into the crochet empire and the yarn annex in search of any additional pieces for the six sudoku afghan, but at some point, I will simply have to apply hook to yarn, and pick up where I left off.



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  1. Here’s a handy tip I use to remember what size hook I’ve used…. if I must abandon work for a bit….
    on the long tail at the beginning I tie small knots to equal the number of the hook!! Fool proof!!!!

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