I meet my Waterloo (sort of)

I spent most of the day working, in some fashion, on my Big Rug project. Given the Napoleonic grandiosity of my vision for this future rug, it is fitting that today I found the progress seemed to very nearly go in reverse. It would seem I have met my crochet Waterloo.

As some of my readers know, this project has gone through two previous iterations. Recently, I have settled on yet a third iteration that requires unjoining and unraveling what I have already done. I will then use the fruits of all the undoing to make African flower hexagons from the re-salvaged Lamb’s Pride bulky weight wool.

Another factor that contributed to the slow pace of my progress was the weather.

Today was absolutely gorgeous. There was sunshine, and it was difficult not to be distracted by the how good it felt to simply be outside.

The final factor that impeded my progress was the state of the yarn that I am using, as can be seen here:

crochetbug, crochet office, plein air crochet, crocheted, crocheting
Opening season of my outdoor crochet office

Some of it is in the original skeins, some of it is wound into balls from having been frogged (unraveled) from the first iteration, and some of it is still in the squares I made for the second iteration. Clearly, this stash would benefit from some tidying up and organizing.

However, despite the beautiful weather and the disarrangement of the yarn, I did complete three hexagons:

crochetbug, crochet flowers, crochet hexagons, crochet hexagon flower motif, lamb's pride wool, crochet rug
Three African flower crochet hexagons

While the ends are woven in, I did not trim them because I want to further secure the ends with needle felting. By leaving the tails, I will know where to felt:

crochetbug, crochet polyfilled pad, crochet tools, crocheted, crocheting
A felting needle and my crocheted polyfilled pad

As, the man credited with being the father of Taoism,Lao-tzu, noted “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step;” it appears that today, I succeeded in putting that pesky first step behind me.