I nearly finish my first of eight Ikea cubby and start a new cookie project

Somewhere in the middle of my efforts to crochet baskets for my Ikea cubbies that I can use to both organize my house and reduce my yarn stash (thereby making it easier to get organized), I was at Facebook and noticed the status update of a friend from high school.

It was a charming list of things she is grateful for, one of which is a soon-to-arrive granddaughter.

That last item on the list made me hyperventilate just a smidge.

The granddaughter, whose arrival is imminent, will be joining her older sister for whom I made this cookie poncho:

cookie crochet poncho
Possibly the world’s first crochet cookie poncho

When I had first learned that another granddaughter was on the way, I had asked if I could make a blanket, and her grandmother had graciously said yes. I knew exactly (pretty much) what I wanted to make, but somehow the time has slipped away, and I found myself both needing to get organized and get a baby blanket done.

So this past weekend, I bounced between working out the decreases needed to make a crochet basket with relatively straight sides

red crochet basket
A nearly completed hot red basket in its natural habitat

that would fit in the Ikea cubby for which it is destined

red crochet basket for an ikea cubby
I check to see how the cubby basket fits in the cubby

and working out the details for a baby-sized cookieghan.

Drawing on my past cookie projects, particularly this cookiedoughku:

crochet cookie crochet sudoku
The cookie-dough-ku in it’s completed glory

I got to work and not only figured out the particulars of the filler square:

Filler squares for the new cookie project
Filler squares for the new cookie project

but also got a start on the cookies needed for this pint-sized cookieghan:

crochet cookies
More cookies for a new cookie project

The new arrival is expected sometime at the end of January or beginning of February, and my hope is that she cools her jets long enough for me to get this crocheted, blocked, dried, wrapped up, and sent before she makes her debut.