Waiting for a wintry mix

I spent most of today getting ready for tomorrow, when as the possibility of a wintry mix looms.

While North Carolina is not getting the brunt of the winter storm that is blanketing much of the East Coast, we are getting enough of the trailing edge that if things do not grind to a halt, they will at least slow considerably, so instead of spending my son’s last day of his post winter-finals break lounging about the house enjoying what was a reasonably good day of weather, we instead ventured out onto the still clear roads to get errands done, and by later afternoon, we had finished with our travels were ready to begin waiting for the much anticipated wintry mix:

waiting for snow, Raleigh, North Carolina
Waiting for a wintry mix

The day before I had more leisure and when I was not attending to laundry, I had been able to sit and enjoy the Monday holiday and even managed to finish crocheting the hot red Ikea cubby basket I had been working on.

Here is an overview:

ikea cubby crochet basket
A look into the completed Ikea cubby crochet basket

here is a side view:

ikea cubby crochet basket
A side view of the completed Ikea cubby crochet basket

and here is an action shot of the crochet Ikea cubby basket in an actual Ikea cubby:

crochet bakset in an Ikea cubby
The completed Ikea cubby crochet basket in an Ikea cubby

With the cubby basket done, I was able to turn my attention to the baby-sized cookieghan I am currently working on. I finished most of the work on 25 of the 35 squares I will need (there are a few ends yet to be woven in):

single color crochet squares
Every other square for the baby crochet cookieghan

and I made modest progress on the cookies themselves:

crochet cookie bar graph
Baby crochet cookieghan bar graph

Having done enough shopping to last at least a week, when the sun rises on tomorrow, I will be ready with a hook in my hand to face the day and crochet as many cookies as I can.

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  1. Love these baskets! Did you create the pattern yourself? What yarn did you use? I’m desperately inspired, but don’t have the skill to create this without a pattern. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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