I think, therefore I am

This whole thinking thing gets me into trouble every time.

Being might be the domain of thinking, but creating requires that at some point one stop thinking and start doing. However, the transition from rumination to creation is one I wrestle with every year in the run up to the state fair.

There are other things that need to be done, and sometimes I let my crochet languish while I carry out the tasks of daily life. But at some point, and as the days grow shorter that point is nearing very quickly, I must concentrate on what needs doing, and do it.

I refuse to do the math necessary to figure out how many squares a day I need to make and join because that figure will either be small enough that I dismiss it as insignificant and set aside the work for another day, or it will be large enough that I will be paralyzed.

Either way, I will do nothing.

Today, I forced myself to work on nothing but the afghan for the state fair, and while I started the day with 18 squares made and joined, I ended the day with double that and a pile of circles and squares that need some detail attended to before they become part of the whole. For now, I have to measure progress one square at a time.

crochet squares crochet circles I got joined after I stopped thinking and started doing
Detail of my 2010 State Fair Afghan after I stopped thinking and started doing

crochet squares and crochet circles joined as a result of setting aside thinking for doing
My 2012 North Carolina State Fair after I traded in thinking for doing