I try my hand at Cyanne

On August 31, 2011, I wrote a blog post about Berroco.com and the free crochet patterns that were (and still are) available.

In fact, there were three of them that I liked so well, I added them to my crochet bucket list, and coming in at number 90 was a blanket/bedspread called Cyanne.

If you use google and search with the terms “cyanne” and “berroco,” you will get this message:

Showing results for cayenne berroco

and right underneath that message (in smaller text), you will get this one:

Search instead for cyanne berroco

Then, when you click on the smaller but correct text, you will be taken to a page which has a link to the pattern I speak of at the very top, and when you click on that link you will be treated to this visual feast:

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The exemplar of the Cyanne project at Berroco.com

This image, it would seem, is burned permanently in my mind’s eye, and today, after I had done work on pieces for my large 2012 North Carolina State Fair project, I got out my 4.0 mm hook, some Tivoli acrylic yarn I purchase many years ago, and I sat down to give it a whirl:

I try my hand at the Berroco pattern Cyanne
I try my hand at the Berroco pattern Cyanne

Since one of my goals this state fair season is to bring order to the chaos that permeates both my yarn annex (a part of the attic) and crochet empire (which doubles as a guest room), using yarn from my stash to make an item on my crochet bucket list which I am adapting so as to be able to enter it in the state fair along with my larger project, is, to my mind, a worthy goal for 2012, and when I get it done, I will then have to look for a new number 90 for my crochet bucket list, and no doubt, someone somewhere has created the perfect project to fill the open spot.

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