Thinking pink

The past few days have been, generally speaking, overcast, and if not completely gray, also not completely sunny.

Almost every day this past week, the afternoons have had short-lived, but intense rainstorms, and today was no exception.

Here is how it looked shortly before six this evening:

a rainy day in Raleigh North Carolina
Gray skies with a touch of rain

It is against this rather gray tableau that I made my decisions about what to crochet today, and the part of my crochet day that I spent on actually crocheting (as opposed to weaving in ends, attempting to write down coherent directions for various project I have worked on and am working on), I attempted to counterbalance both the weather and the rather somber shades that have thus far comprised the large textured squares that I have made for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project.

Using Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink, I attempted to ameliorate the weather and made vibrant squares that I hope will add visual interest and serve as a counterpoint to the more subdued pieces I have already crocheted for the state fair project.

I started by crocheting one large textured square:

a large textured crochet square
One large crochet square

Then I moved on and made four small textured squares:

textured crochet squares
One large crochet square and four small crochet squares

and finished the crocheting portion of my day with four textured rectangles:

textured crochet squares and textured crochet rectangles
One large crochet square and four small crochet squares and four crochet rectangles

I never really know until I start to assemble a project how the pieces are going to work together, and it is always with some trepidation that I begin the task of joining the pieces of a large project, as the effect one color has on another can create changes and unanticipated consequences for the piece as a whole.

But at this point the only way to move is forward, and that is the direction I will go, one stitch at a time.

One thought on “Thinking pink

  1. Hi Leslie, this is amazing. please could you let me know how you covered the corners with the raised stitch. I have been trying to achieve the same effect but i cant cover the corners if that makes sense. I have a photo of what ive done but i cant describe it. haha. please let me know and thanks

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