I’d rather be felting

This was the thought that occupied my mind while I sat at my son’s trumpet lesson this afternoon.

Had I consulted the weather report as well as my calender when I scheduled the lesson, I would have picked some other day or some other time. Something, cold or rainy or both.

As it was, instead of spending the entire afternoon outside enjoying what will no doubt be one of the last warm days until spring, I spent a substantial portion of it indoors listening as my son’s trumpet teacher instructed my son in the art of playing the major scales with deliberation and care.

I myself would have benefited from more deliberation and care today.

The first thing I did after breakfast was to finish all of the joining and weaving in of ends for a project that I was repurposing into a felted pet mat for my dog, Clooney, the pattern for the original project long since forgotten and misplaced.

Well before lunch, I had the pet mat-to-be pieced and ready for felting:

crochet squares repurposed from crochet sweater to crochet pet mat
The former crochet jacket to-be repurposed into a pet mat

Thrilled with my progress, I immediately got started on the felting portion of the project. Like the children in the poem “Night Before Christmas” with visions of sugar plums in their heads, I had an equally fanciful notion in mine. Namely, that I would finish felting the pet mat before lunch.

And if I had scheduled a late afternoon lunch for 5 o’clock, I would have achieved my goal, but my original intention was to finish four hours earlier than I did.

The problem I experienced was of my own making. As with my last felting venture, I used way too much detergent, and the bubbles were so numerous they created a bed of bubbles that made it difficult for any agitation to take place.

But after dumping out the bubbly water a couple of times, rinsing the future pet mat several more, and taking a much needed break to get my son to his trumpet lesson in the mid-afternoon, it finally happened. The fibers had been sufficiently shocked for the piece to felt; here is how it looked when I finally decided to call it done:

felted crochet pet mat
Clooney’s newly felted crochet pet mat

I don’t expect this will dry before Monday, but I am pleased with the result, and if my dog doesn’t like it, I am sure I will be find another dog who will.

7 thoughts on “I’d rather be felting

  1. ANother felting nightmare for me as well this week…. I made a rather large tote to give as a gift but – like the previous one I made it did not felt… I thought for sure I had a high enough wool content this time but alas upon further checking the contents of the cone I was working from, I noticed although it said 63% wool when I rechecked I noticed it said 63% wool-acrylic….. hideous… when I return to NY I will have to frog it!!!
    Oh well Live and learn again and again!!! 🙂

  2. your comment…I am about to felt a pair of “cast” socks for a sweet customer in icy Canada who is recovering from bilateral foot surgery. No pattern, his specs, my “skills” have resulted in socks ready for felting. I hope to get that done later today and start this new year with an order completed!

  3. That looks so nice. I’ve yet to try felting, mostly because it would cost me money to do so. (I live in an apartment, so I’d have do to it at the laundromat.) Still…I need to make felting one of my New Year’s resolutions.

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