Setting my intentions for 2012

Last year at this time I decided that for 2011, I wanted to pursue what I termed “mindful crochet”, wherein my thoughts and my body would be focused on the same project.

Over the year, I found that coordinated mind/body focus resulted in fewer errors and greater enjoyment.

Having achieved some measure of success with setting my intentions last year, I decided to do the same this year. My new goal: finish more projects than I start.

As part of that effort, I will update my blog with new posts Thursday through Tuesday; on Wednesday, however, I will repost previous entries. This should help create a day with more uninterrupted time to manage the back log of unfinished objects that have accumulated.

Today I got to put my intentions into action.

Having gathered the tools and materials needed to complete the sixty-four small, textured squares for the textured squares afghan, I got to work.

After sorting through various piles of crochet pieces, I found sixteen squares that have accumulated over the course of trumpet lessons and other small packets of time:

small textured crochet squares
Sixteen small textured crochet squares

and finished the day having made six additional squares and woven in a couple of dozen of the ends of the small squares. I then joined them into five of the 16 the 2×2 arrays I need for the finished afghan:

joining textured crochet squares
One view of the twenty-two small textured crochet squares

I want to finish all sixteen of the 2×2 arrays before I begin the adding the border so that I can see what patterns emerge from a large grouping of the small, textured squares:

small textured crochet squares
Twenty-two of the 64 small textured crochet squares needed for the finished afghan

As with last year’s intentions, I don’t have any idea where this year’s efforts will lead me, but I am am confident that the journey will be an interesting one, and if you want to read (or re-read) last year’s new year’s post, you can find it right here.

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif

3 thoughts on “Setting my intentions for 2012

  1. your comment…that is a great New years idea. I agree with Marie, always wonder how you do so much. I woke up this am with same thought. seems like while i truly enjoy my current wip am alway looking to next one. need to learn the old”be here now” thing.

  2. Great plan. I decided on a couple of charities to focus on and that has made me feel less stressed than last year. I think it will help me stay focused. I finished more projects last year and left fewer WIP’s than I have in previous years, so I think I am moving forward.

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