If you give a cat a crayon….

I did not really give my cat a crayon, but the way she is overseeing my “my last door” crochet yarn bomb, you’d think it was her project and not mine. As I put the finishing touches on the graph I will be using to guide my work over the next few days, she sat just a couple of feet from me attuned to my every move.

Friday morning, in the aftermath of my Thursday blog post, I discovered that the graph I was working from was not entirely accurate, and if I did not want to compound the increasingly apparent errors, I needed to do something.

Sooner rather than later.

So I got out one of my many notebooks filled with graph paper, cut out (or taped together) the twenty-eight panels I would need, and got to work. The whole time I was cutting, taping and coloring, I thought, “I could be crocheting!” Except, I couldn’t really, because without the correct chart, I wasn’t going to get the best result.

So despite the fact I wanted to crochet more than I wanted to make a graph, under the watchful eye of my cat, Stripes, I persisted. Eventually, the graph that would chart the course of this yarn bomb was completed:

A graph for the "my last door" crochet yarn bomb made using graph paper and a crayon

Now all that was left to do was to remediate two of the panels I had already crocheted and then make the remaining twenty-four squares.

As usual, the schedule in my head was substantially more ambitious than my hands were able to produce, but my cat Stripes continued to keep watch over me, sitting just a few feet away.

The the time I needed to start preparing dinner, I had made substantive progress with eleven of the twenty-eight squares completed and six more squares about half way done:

My progress on the "my last door" yarn bomb

I am hoping that now that I have taken a crayon to paper and created a graph to work from that my work will go a little more quickly, even if it can only be done one stitch at a time.