The joy of planning and making a new yarn bomb

Now that summer is done, and we are in the crisp, early days of fall, I found myself pining to work on a new yarn bomb project. But what, I wondered, should the subject of this new project be?

I had at the same moment, no ideas at all and too many to count, but I finally settled on a project inspired by an artist who was inspired by a geological structure known as Plaza Blanca.

The road to Plaza Blanca is paved with dirt and rocks. If you are not in a four-wheel drive vehicle with good clearance, it is a slow drive, and when you get to the parking lot at the end of the road, you are greeted by this sign:

The Plaza Blanca sign, Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

From there you continue on dirt trails until you reach the structure that Georgia O’Keeffe could see from her home and which inspired more than one of her paintings:

Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

The immenseness of the New Mexico landscape to some degree camouflages the immensity of the structure know as Plaza Blanca, but by the time you reach the base of this rock formation, you get a sense of just how small a bit you are when compared to the entirety of the universe.

But I don’t yet have the skills needed to crochet a representation of this structure, and my fence is not large enough to accommodate the immensity of this rock formation, so instead of trying to crochet Plaza Blanca, I instead decided to crochet a yarn bomb homage to a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe titled My Last Door.

It had the advantage of requiring only three colors of yarn to crochet as well as being something I could more easily plot out on graph paper, which I did:

My preliminary graph paper sketch for my "My Last Door" yarn bomb

I made some mistakes along the way, but eventually got them cleared up, and while I have yet to finish a completed graph, I had done enough that I could get a start:

The first four of twenty-eight crochet squares needed for my "My Last Door"  yarn bomb

The “colors” such as they are, are a little outside my comfort zone, but I will move forward, one stitch at a time.

2 thoughts on “The joy of planning and making a new yarn bomb

  1. What an amazing place! How fortunate that you get to be there walking, hook in hand, in Georgia’s footsteps. 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Leslie!
    I like the pics you included, for sure!
    I have a question regarding the planning graph you made…
    Does each little square in the graph represent a stitch? (Like a square = one double crochet?)
    Thank you!

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