Imperceptible crochet progress

Sometimes when I work on a crochet project, it is as if I have a strong wind at my back, supporting me and helping me move forward in a timely fashion. Other times, it is as if I have invented new ways to do things wrong, and I find myself frogging and recrocheting and frogging and untangling. Then sometimes the progress is minute. Nothing dramatically good, nothing catastrophically bad, just imperceptible crochet progress.

That is what happened this weekend.

I made no major errors, but to look at it you wouldn’t necessarily know that I had gotten anything done. However, despite the modest nature of my efforts, I still did make some progress, it was just more subtle than I had expected.

After some gauge issues that took some time to sort out, I finally got the base of a rainbow-inspired crochet hat (with earflaps) finished.

Yes, there are ends to be woven in and trimmed, yes there is still yarn to be cut into strands to make some awesome braids, but despite having had an imperceptible crochet weekend, I did make progress on the hat (this post includes a “before” picture).

A rainbow inspired crochet hat for an adult worked in six different colors
Another rainbow inspired crochet hat

With the base of the second rainbow-inspired hat done, I moved onto a crochet llama hat for a toddler where my progress was even more subtle and centered on cutting yarn strands for the braids that will adorn the sides.

Seemingly imperceptible crochet progress on a future llama hat for a toddler with the yarn for braiding attached
A future crochet llama hat for a toddler

I made no earth shaking progress this weekend, there is no stunning before and after, but sometimes progress is the little bits and pieces that collect, a strand here, a stitch there, an end woven in, or a detail attended to, and those small bits and pieces add up until you have a unified and completed whole.