Busy, busy crochet hat season

I hadn’t really considered that there is a “crochet hat season,” but there is, and my work this month seems to be evidence of exactly that.

One friend from high school has had a new grand niece and second cousin added to her family, and as she does not crochet, I get to do the honors. Add to that the granddaughter of a friend from third-grade is also in need of a hat, and I have a third hat to work on. The people and reasons to crochet hats seems to be multiplying, and as soon as I get one hat done, two more that need to be made seem to pop up.

Fortunately with my yarn stash and hooks at my side, I am ready to answer the siren call of the as yet to be made hat, and work my way through any crochet hat pattern I come across, as I did with this crochet llama confection I found:

A crochet llama hat made from pink and light orange yarn during a very busy crochet hat season
A crochet llama hat for a toddler

I was making it “by request,” the “request” having been to make “anything you want” for a toddler sized head and the work caught the attention of a crochet worthy person I know, so as soon as I finished work on the two toddler hats:

Two crochet hats for a toddler--one rainbow hat and one pink and light orange llama hat.
Two hats for one toddler

I finished up the details of this crochet llama hat for an adult with a playful sense of adventure. I struggled to get the ears the right size, but the third time was a charm, and the hat was all done except for attaching the ears:

A rainbow inspired crochet llama hat for an adult made during a busy crochet hat season
The very nearly completely done rainbow inspired crochet llama hat

With the rainbow-inspired adult llama hat nearly done, I dropped everything and got to work on a crochet munchkin hat for a nearly newborn munchkin.

As nearly newborns grow pretty quickly, I did my best to stay focused and not let my mind wander to thoughts of other crochet hats, and in short order, it was nearly done:

I still have another six or so hats that I want to crochet before I return to the boho inspired crochet bag that has morphed over the fifteen or so months I have not gotten it made, and I will work my forward, one stitch at a time.

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