Another day, another crochet hat

For reasons I don’t understand, I had a very difficult time getting started on my work today, but eventually, I did. I began with something ver small: I crocheted the last three rounds of this striped munchkin hat, and I wove in the ends–all of this in preparation to make another crochet hat:

A aqua and light coral striped crochet munchkin hat
A striped crochet munchkin hat destined for Texas

With the striped munchkin crochet hat done, continuing in the “think small” vein, I finish weaving in (and trimming) the ends of this rainbow-inspired llama hat:

A crochet llama hat for an adult made with six colors of the rainbow
A crochet llama hat completed and ready for adventure

Which in turn jump started my effort to work on the “another crochet hat” was waiting in the wings and which required that I crochet a swatch.

It often seems to me that there are two types of people in the world: those who swatch and those who don’t. Normally, I fall into the latter camp, and I find myself having to adjust things at the end so that they fit.

But I am finding that by swatching, even if I can’t exactly duplicate the gauge, I can get a head start on adjusting the pattern so that it fits both my natural gauge and the intended recipient of whatever crochet object I am making.

Having just finished work on the munchkin hat and having made two llama hats in quick succession along with an earflap hat that was similar if not exactly the same, I was ready to do something a little different, so I searched my computer for a Viking helmet pattern that I purchased several years ago when my youngest son and a friend of his requested crochet Viking helmets with coordinating beards for Halloween.

A quick search of my computer turned up the pattern, and since the intended recipient is not near enough for me to able to check the fit this time around, I decided I would go with the next best thing: a gauge swatch:

A crochet gauge swatch for another crochet hat
A crochet swatch of red yarn

The gauge swatch gave me enough information to figure out which hook and which size hat (there are eight to choose from) I would crochet, and in short enough order, I had the hat base done:

A red crochet hat with a textured crochet gold headband
A future crochet Viking hat

I feel very fortunate to have so many friends who let me be a part of their lives, one stitch and one crochet hat at a time.

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