In which I crochet the last cookie

Sometime shortly after 5:00 pm, just before I needed to walk the dog in order to get my son to his “count off” in time for the pre-band clubs meeting performance, I crocheted the last stitch of the last cookie for this year’s North Carolina State Fair project, and while it is an important milestone along the way, I am still not remotely closed to finished.

Yesterday, I had worked to crochet this large, frosted sugar cookie:

large crochet sugar cookie
One large frosted crochet sugar cookie

along with these six “in process” dark chocolate caramel to-be crochet cookies:

assorted crochet cookies
The large frosted sugar cookie with six small chocolate caramel crochet cookies to-be

and these six snickerdoodles:

assorted crochet cookies
The same large frosted sugar cookie with six crochet snickerdoodles

Here they all are in a cookie group photo:

assorted crochet cookies
An assortment of crochet cookies

Today, I focused my efforts on completing the three large Lemonades inspired cookies, the decorative surface of which had bedeviled me for the last couple of weeks. Desperation and desire to finish them led me to this solution:

Lemonades crochet cookies
Three large Lemonades crochet cookies

From there, I finished crocheting the small sugar cookies with sprinkles:

crochet sugar cookies
Fourteen small crochet sugar cookies with sprinkles

And then moved onto the last ten M&M cookies I would need for my project, and while there were moments it seemed I would never reach my goal, eventually, somewhere in this array of ten cookies, I crocheted the last cookie:

Ten small M&M inspired crochet cookies including the last cookie
Ten small M&M inspired crochet cookies including the last cookie

As is clear from the cookies in the above photographs, I still have a lot of ends to weave in and stitches to be marked; this is just as true of the cookies I didn’t have time to photograph.

So tomorrow, when the sun rises on Raleigh, I will have my bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, and I will begin work on the next leg of this crochet journey.

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  1. Oh the divine Blessings of having been introduced to the Clover bent tip yarn needle!!!!! Thank You thank You thank You!

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