Let the piecing begin

This past Tuesday, I finished crocheting the last cookie I would need to complete Cookieghan 2.0.

At least I thought I had, so the first order of business on Wednesday was to lay everything out and take a count to make sure that I had all of the cookies I thought I had.

I made a cookie bar graph using the small cookies and found that with all of the cookies pictured here:

crochet cookie bar graph
Small crochet cookie bar graph

the eight on the first motif I had completed, and two wayward cookies that I had placed in the “wrong” bag, I had indeed finished crocheting all of the small cookies.

Next, I inventoried the large crochet cookies:

assorted crochet cookies
Forty-nine large crochet cookies for Cookieghan 2.0

Counting the large peppermint swirl cookie in the center of the one motif I had completed at that point, I had all 49 large cookies I would need.

I spent the rest of the day weaving in ends here and there on some of the cookies that were in need of ends being woven in and tried a few things to make sure that I knew exactly how I would be joining the motifs.

Today, however, I wasted no time getting to work joining motifs. As soon as I had finished with my morning obligations, I got to work.

Because of maintenance that is being done to the back deck where I usually set myself up for this kind of work, I was unable to work outside, and so spent most of the day indoors.

Here is my current work space for piecing:

I move my crochet office indoors so I can let the piecing being
I move my crochet office indoors so I can let the piecing being

and while it is more cat attractive than I would like, it does allow me to keep all of the pieces I will be using and tools I will need to join them in one place.

With my work station set up, I got to work and in what seemed like very short order, I had the second motif done:

Two motifs for Crochet cookie blanket already done once I let the piecing being
Two motifs for Crochet Cookieghan 2.0 already done once I let the piecing being

The third and fourth motifs did not come together as quickly as the second one had, but eventually, I got them done:

four cookie crochet motifs
Four crochet motifs for Cookieghan 2.0

The good part about getting to this point in a project is that what is left to be done is really, pretty straight forward, and as long as I stay focused and let the piecing being, I should be able to get all the pieces joined and ends woven in just in time for the fair.

8 thoughts on “Let the piecing begin

  1. I’m still totally impressed and am waiting with baited breath to see the finished product. I love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Betty

  2. Looking fabulous
    Can not wait to see the end result
    Fingers crossed for a smooth stitching/ finishing process for you

  3. Oh the excitement of it all…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year because I get to watch the progress on your state fair entry. My favorite “spectator sport”, (right up there with Alabama football).

    This one just might be my favorite entry of yours to date. It is wonderful & SO whimsical . WELL done per usual!!

  4. WOW perhaps its just my state of mind but it seems you are further ahead of schedule than in years passed…. So looking forward to the final Ta Da!!! Sending some finishing Mojo as I know Brian already has the coffee under control!!! <3

  5. Your process seems smoother this year. The project looks super! I am curious about the joining you’re using. Maybe, once you’re done, you could share…

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