Slip slidin’ away

Today is the first day of fall, and just like that, summer is gone.

Some of my readers who have followed my state fair projects over the years have wondered if it is possible that I am ahead of schedule this year.

I knew going into this project that putting it together was going to take about a month. I completed the cookies on September 17, and have now had five crochet days to work on assembly.

When I went to press on Thursday night, I had gotten this far:

four cookie crochet motifs
Four crochet motifs for Cookieghan 2.0

By early Friday afternoon, I had gotten the ends woven in:

The first four crochet cookie motifs
The first four motifs joined and with the ends woven in

and before sunset on Friday, I had nearly completed work on a fifth motif:

Another crochet cookie motif
The fifth cookie motif

I lurched along through Saturday making progress in fits and starts and had gotten this far by late afternoon:

six crochet cookie motifs
Six crochet cookie motifs assembled

Then, with a bit of a burst of energy, I continued to work some of Saturday night and most of today with this photo showing how far I got:

nine crochet cookie motifs
Nine nearly completed crochet cookie motifs

Part of the slower pace at the moment is the result of repairs around the house that I knew would have to get done despite the fact it was state fair season, and I am hoping that come September 30, when most of my non-crochet commitments will have been met, I will have continued to make sufficient progress and be able to put (in crochet sort of way) the pedal to the metal and get this piece completed without staying up all night as I did in 2011 and 2012.

And if I do have to stay up all night, I can always listen to Simon and Garfunkel as the time continues slip slidin’ away:

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  1. ITS AMAZING ALREADY!!!! OH Leslie I think one is my far my favorite NCSF piece……. and instead of slip sliding away like in the song – slip and slide like the water toy and keep yourself moving ever forward!!! Happy Equinox!!!!

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