In which I find the elusive pink

My errands started early today, one leading to another and another and so on until there was very little left of my morning, but eventually, I did run out of errands, and when I got home, I was more than ready to get started on my current UFO: If pigs (and dogs and birds and bears and frogs and lions and turtles) flew.

Yesterday, I had made all of the pieces I needed to complete the dogs that will be used in this project, but I did not get them all assembled:

five crochet dog face hexagons
Five future dog crochet hexagons

so today’s first crochet task was to get out the bent-tipped Clover yarn needle and attempt to bring some order to the dog chaos.

After 90 minutes of diligent effort, I achieved a measure of success:

crochet dog faces
Five happy crochet dog faces

No longer in danger of losing a dog ear, cheek, or tongue, I move onto the lions.

I had crocheted all of the future lion faces, but I had not yet woven in the ends, a task I wanted to complete before I tried to add any features to the faces.

With my trusty Clover bent-tipped needle in hand, I was able to make very quick work of the lion faces-to-be:

lion crochet hexagons
Five future lion crochet hexagons

From there, I moved onto the birds and attached the beak, feet, and eyes I had made previously to one of the blue circles that would be a future bird:

bird crochet hexagons
Two bird to-be crochet hexagons

I was then able to harness the finishing mojo generated from the day’s earlier work, and finish crocheting the three additional frogs needed for the project:

frog crochet hexagons
Six future frog crochet hexagons

With all of these crochet chores attended to, I ventured back upstairs, but this time, instead of turning left to go to my crochet empire, I turned right, and made my way to the yarn annex where I found (almost immediately) the vintage pink yarn that was lodged in my memory, but had eluded me in life:

elusive pink yarn
I find the elusive pink yarn

With the perfect pink finally found, I started making the pig’s face and ears:

pig crochet hexagon
I get a start on a pig crochet hexagon

Then I did the detail work, using this magnificent French knot tutorial to guide me in adding the eyes and nostrils:

pig crochet hexagon
A completed crochet pig face

I no longer recall what the circumstances were that caused me to set this project aside, but I am thoroughly enjoying it this time around.

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  1. And a time to every purpose under Heaven!! (and this it seems is the time for pigs, frogs, dog, lions etc to FLY!!!!!! GLad its all coming together so well this time around – this is going to be a very JOYful JOY filled project!!!

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