In which I get a little unstuck

I have, of late, been busy with the sorts of things that are necessary, but not crochet, and today after being mired in the details of life I managed to get just a little unstuck.

I had a cold, I have had numerous errands that could not be done quickly but which had to be done, and I had other obligations that needed my immediate attention, but today, at some point after lunch, I was able to resume work on what is the fourth in a series of bags, and for once in a long while, I made more, rather than less, progress than I had expected to.

First, I finished not one, but two four-round granny squares:

The fourth crochet bag begins to take shape and I get unstuck
The fourth crochet bag begins to take shape and I get unstuck

and added six more two-round granny squares to the what I had already done:

granny squares
Sixteen of thirty-six crochet squares for the strap and edging

These practically perfect granny square bags do not crochet themselves.

They require diligence, attention to detail, and because I insist on using seemingly all of the colors at my disposal, there is a lot of frogging and recrocheting to get the squares to look in life exactly as I envision them in my mind’s eye.

Sometimes that process goes quickly, sometimes it does not, but I always experience a healthy measure of joy as I move forward one stitch at a time.