In which I make the 14th medium square and finish a hat

While my weeks seem plenty busy to me, sometimes my weekends are even busier.

Such was the case this past weekend, and while I would have loved to have been able to sit with my crochet more than I did, I was very strategic in my crochet this weekend, choosing to work on items that I hope will generate some finishing mojo to guide me through this week with my eye toward finishing the big, gray textured blanket before kick off for the Super Bowl.

To that end, the first thing I did was crochet the fourteenth and final medium textured square that is needed for the larger project.

Here it is:

crochet textured square
The last medium textured square

Building on the mojo generated by this square, I then used the available daylight, a 5.0 mm hook and some Red Heart Super Saver black yarn to work on a long-promised Mickey Mouse inspired hat for a baby who is due any day now.

After looking over the various interpretations and available patterns at Revelry, I borrowed a little here and a little there and came up with this:

crochet baby hat with mouse ears
Mickey Mouse inspired baby hat

Hopefully it will be all that the Disney loving mom who requested could want in a hat for her soon-to-be born baby boy.

Now that the weekend has nearly drawn to a close, I hope that the finishing mojo generated over the past two days propels me through the week.

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