Inching forward with my first vinx

My vegan mink, or “vinx” project is not moving forward either particularly fast or particularly slow.

It cannot be rushed, but I have had the unusual (so far) luck of having most of it go right.

I have made mistakes here and there, but for the most part I have had to do very little frogging, and (also unusual) I have been particularly good about taking notes so that when I make the second, third, and fourth vinx that will be needed to finish this project, I will not be reinventing the wheel or reverse engineering my own work.

Having finished with the “body” of the vinx the other day, I moved onto the back legs.

After a first effort that proved to be too wide, I came up with these which are — as purple crocheted mink legs go — just about perfect:

two bag legs for a future crochet vinx for a crochet vegan mink
Two back legs for a future crochet vinx

Next, I moved onto the future face, but as I was standing in line at the main office of the North Carolina DMV to get the answers to some questions about how to complete what has turned into a rather complicated transaction, I did not have the stole I was working from handy, so I had to rely on some measurements I had taken.

The woman at the DMV was incredibly helpful, and, after paging through a binder of policies, huddling with some of her co-workers in a back office, and calling the document examiners to figure out just exactly what needed to be done and how, she was able to send me on my way.

Meanwhile, I had made a breakthrough in how to start the nose/head of the vinx which is the unfinished piece in the very bottom of this photo:

crochet parts for a future crochet mink
The almost finished crochet parts of a future vinx

Tomorrow has the potential to be a more productive crochet day, but I am grateful that so many days allow me to move forward with my projects, one stitch at a time.