Sunshine, shadow, jellyfish, and vinx

This weekend began as so many weekends do: I am determined to get my office (and therefore my life) organized, and at the top of this weekend’s list were the following: sunshine, shadow, jellyfish, and vinx.

I begin the weekend with the best of intentions, get interrupted by something, and then I succumb to the distraction and abandon my effort.

But this weekend, while I did not get my office organized, I did make some important steps toward that goal.

First step: write a pattern — any pattern.

I had ventured into the yarn annex in search of what, I don’t recall, when I came across an extra square from this now long ago finished Sunshine and Shadow Rainbow Lapghan:

A sunshine, shadow crochet blanket bordered and blocked
A sunshine, shadow crochet blanket bordered and blocked

I had been meaning to write down the pattern, but something always got in the way. This time, however, instead of setting it aside for some other day, I took the square, headed down to my office, cleared myself a spot at the table, and got to work.

Within an hour, I had written the directions and created a chart to guide a crocheter in laying out the pieces. I still need to proofread the directions and add information about how to piece the squares together, but with another couple of hours of effort, the lapghan will truly be in the ta-done column.

Second step: document work that needs to be documented.

One of the items taking up both physical and psychic space on my table is this collection of crochet jellyfish, which began modestly enough, but which is now 14 jellyfish strong:

A bloom of crochet jellyfish
A bloom of crochet jellyfish

With those two steps behind me, I was ready to resume work on the vinx, first finishing work on the vinx head and the figuring out the details of the ears:

Two crochet mink ears for a vegan mink
Two crochet mink ears

Here are all the pieces in their ready-to-be-assembled glory:

A crochet mink / vinx ready for assembly
A crochet mink / vinx ready for assembly

Happy that the vinx was starting to come together, I got out a bright orchid color and got a start on what will be the second of the four vinxes needed to make a vinx stole:

A second crochet mink begins to take shape
A second crochet mink begins to take shape

And while I would sometimes like to be able to reach my crafting destinations a little bit earlier, this adventure will proceed as they all do: one stitch at a time.

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  1. Beautiful! Do you have a link to the jellyfish pattern? I’m planning to crochet some octopuses this year and jellyfish would be great too!

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