International Crochet Day

While this will not be as popular in my household as International Talk Like a Pirate Day which is exactly one week later, for those of you who haven’t already made plans for this weekend, Sunday, September 12, 2010, is International Crochet Day. Lucky for any hapless crocheters who are currently without a project pending, there’s still time to choose one and start work on it.

If you read the rather Grinch-ish Tim Phillips at, (specifically his “The end of days” entry) you might think that a day honoring crochet is about 23 hours and fifty-eight minutes too long, but if you’re reading my blog, chances are, you are more inclined to side with me and figure that in addition to September 12, there are (depending on the year) 363 or 364 other days that are just as good to honor your craft.

Some suggestions for participating in International Crochet Day include: crocheting in public, wearing something you have crocheted, teaching someone else to crochet.

As for me, I plan on marking the occasion by going to the first guild meeting of a new crochet group that will be meeting from 2 to 4 (pm) at the Durham South Regional Library in Durham, North Carolina.

I will (no doubt) have with me, some part or parts of my current project for the 2010 North Carolina State Fair.

Today I managed to finish row 11:

crochet circles crochet squares
Row 11 sitting on the stoop, ends dangling

crochet circles crochet squares
An overview of Row 11

crochet circles crochet squares
The long view of Row 11

Only 20 more rows to go.

4 thoughts on “International Crochet Day

  1. PERFECT; international crochet day! I never heard of it but I’m going to introduce it over here and maybe I can make somebody else enthousiastic about crochet.

  2. That is TOO beautiful! I love this projec and may try something like this for fall. You are a crazy lady. I like that.

    1. At least a little bit of crazy (mixed with stubborn/pigheadedness) goes a long way toward getting these projects done. 🙂

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