Jan Eaton’s Lacy Cross

Yesterday morning I was up in plenty of time to get my son ready for school, and when my son and I were waiting for the bus at the bus stop we agreed that the only thing worse that being at the up so early and waiting at the bus stop was not being up so early and waiting at the bus stop.

Today, we were, again, ready in plenty of time, and by mid-afternoon, I had finished with some household projects that required my attention and was ready to crochet.

I recently made Jan Eaton’s “Willow” square, one of the 200 blocks contained in her book 200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws, and afghans. Using a 5.0 mm hook and three shades of pink from the Red Heart Super Saver line of yarn, I made these squares:

pink crochet squares
One almost completed crochet square between two completed crochet squares

While I love the pattern, I wanted to experiment with some variation in the design on the squares being used.

Lucky for me then, that in addition to providing a variety of color schemes in this tome, Ms. Eaton also includes suggested companion blocks for the various motifs, and one of the blocks she suggested for “Willow” is the elegantly simply “Lacy Cross.”

Using my 5.0 mm hook once again, and some Red Heart Super Saver baby pink and petal pink, I made two additional squares:

pink crochet squares
Two of Jan Eaton’s Lacy Cross squares crocheted in Red Heart Super Saver baby pink and petal pink

and while they looked fine with each other, my goal had been to intersperse them with the “Willow” square, which I did:

pink crochet squares
Two lacy cross crochet squares interespersed with three willow squares

While I am delighted with the look of these two squares, getting to the “Lacy Cross” square page from the “Willow” square page meant that I ended up looking at some of the other squares in the book, and I came across several that were very tempting.

To paraphrase from the potato chip commercial which asserted “no one can eat just one,” Ms. Eaton’s squares are so fun and delicious, no one can crochet just one.

6 thoughts on “Jan Eaton’s Lacy Cross

  1. your comment…i am going to treat myself to that book in Feb. i’m on a motif kick and that book is just what i need!

  2. I love those together. I have several different motif books but don’t think I have this one. I need to make a list of what I do have. It’s too easy to make a mistake and order the same one twice when you have a bunch. I almost did that not long ago.

  3. Your squares are really lovely-the pinks are gorgeous! I have this book and 2 others of Jan’s and they are fantastic for ideas(especially since I make squares for the charity KAS to send to orphans in S Africa) Willow is a favourite square of mine and I had been thinking of trying the Lacy Cross for a KAS challenge-I will definitely make some now that I have seen how well yours have turned out!

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