Just one granny square

Today was busy.

Very busy.

I got up before sunrise because there was so much to do in this particular day that I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise. I needed to get started now, except that “now” ended up being half-hour-later than my ideal schedule, and I was running at least half an hour behind for the entire day.

But just because I was running thirty minutes behind my ideal life, it didn’t mean that I didn’t have time to crochet; it meant that I needed it more than most days, so when there was finally a brief lull (the day never did have a moment that came to what I think of as a “complete” stop) in the day’s activities, I jumped at the chance to get out my crochet and bring some level of peace to an otherwise very busy day.

The first thing I encountered was that I couldn’t find the square that I had had in mind to work on, but about two minutes into my search for “the perfect square,” I accepted that what particular square I got done was not nearly as important as getting a square done, and I reached into my bag and worked on the square that was now in my hand.

It was a three-round granny square that was one of four granny squares I made one afternoon in March of 2015 along with three others.

I had had no purpose in making them other than to see which square I liked more, and so it gave me great satisfaction when I was able to transform this long forgotten crochet remnant into a five-inch granny square ready for adventure.

One granny square
One granny square

On one level, it is, perhaps, not the most exciting work I have ever done, but it does help me to give meaning and purpose to work that might otherwise be forgotten, one stitch at a time.