Looking toward 2018

Now that my crochet square rehab project has gained traction, my documentation of the later squares has decreased markedly.

Like a large family with many children, as the number of children increases, the ability to document then individually decreases.

The same has happened with my squares.

When I began my crochet rehab effort, I had selected these crochet squares as they were slightly too small, slightly too large, with a smattering of them being just right:

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An assemblage of 5 and 6 (and nearly 5 and 6) crochet squares

When working on a square that needed revisions, I would wait for the best light, take a before photo, document any required frogging, and then get an after photo (again, in the best light) so that my rehabbed square always looked its very best.

Now that I am in a rehab groove, however, I am stingier with my time. Moving onto the next crochet square while the strategies for making the changes are fresh in my mind takes precedence over multiple individual photos, and I ruminate more on the squares themselves than on how to take the best photo of each one.

Some of the squares have required very small, simple fixes. Frogging a round and then recrocheting it with a hook the next size up.

Some have required more complex solutions They involve not only an initial frogging, but repeated froggings and recrochets to bring my crochet vision into focus.

And at the end of my crochet day, here is what I had two group photos, and a third with all of the squares with their ends to be woven in.

However, my internet connection tonight is rudimentary. Things that should have taken moments to get done have instead taken several hours to fail to get done.

So while I wait for a new day and a better internet connection I will continue to do my work, one stitch at a time.