Losing track of time

I can’t believe we are already five days into August, but my trouble believing the truth of it does not seem to impede the forward movement of time in the least. As summer hits its stride, I am losing track of time.

Yesterday, I spent more time than I would have liked on necessary errands, but one of the necessary errands was to take my youngest son to get his teeth cleaned. Waiting rooms are one of my more productive work spaces.

There are no dishes to be washed, no laundry to be folded, and no pet hair to be vacuumed up. Life is reduced to its essentials: crochet and coffee.

Yesterday I used the time to weave in as many ends as I could in the time while I was there.

This afternoon, after a morning filled with many more necessary errands, (and crocheting these three candidates for “windows” for my 2014 North Carolina State Fair piece):

three granny square crochet square windows
Three candidates for crochet windows

I like the gray of the middle window best, but it is complicated by the fact that the yarn is wool, and if I want to use it, I will have to crochet and then felt the center squares until they are the correct size.

While this strikes me as a lot of work, the prospect of going out to attempt to find a gray that I like as well overwhelms me, and knowing how these things sometimes work out, it might actually take more time than my proposed solution.

But with five days already gone and at with so many squares yet to be made (The center panel alone will be 324 squares and will probably end up being just under 1/3 of the number of squares needed), I didn’t have have all that much time to ruminate, so I continued to make squares, one after another, until I had gotten this far:

crochet granny squares crochet squares
My 2014 North Carolina State Fair project so far

The problem with crochet season as I see it is that summer goes too by too fast, but I am hanging on for the ride as best I can.

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