Lucille Seaman: inspiring envy

Today my son had a trumpet lesson, and rather than sit in the trumpet-mom corner listening to him execute his trumpet lesson, I went to a nearby shopping center to grab a cup of coffee.

It was humid, overcast, and there were intermittent downpours, so I was happy when I was able to get a parking space within 30 feet of a covered walkway that took me Great Yarns, an LYS I frequented when my son was still in the Raleigh Boychoir.

There, I was confronted with this vision:

large crochet squid
A crochet squid in a store window catches my eye

I stepped closer to make sure it was real:

large crochet squid
I move in closer to make sure my eyes are not deceiving me

Having searched the window for any indication of who the artist might be, I stepped inside the store to get a better look and find out the name of the artist.

I took this photo:

A view of the crochet squid from inside the store inspiring envy
A view of the crochet squid from inside the store inspiring envy

and after placing one phone call, I got the artist’s name: Lucille Seaman.

My own work for the day seemed so pedestrian. I worked out the details of a revision to my Legally Blonde hat design:

I had settled on Caron Simply Soft as it is one of the recommended yarns for chemo caps by Knots of Love, and it came in the colors I needed: orchid and white.

I had to make a few changes to the pattern to make it work as a chemo cap. Here is the body of the hat worked in a spiral so that the resulting hat is seamless:

elle woods crochet chemo cap
A seamless version of the Elle Woods crochet hat

and here is the revised chrysanthemum that retains much of the look of Lesley Stanfield’s original design, but which is built on flat base, eliminating a good deal of bulk.

While it is not as tidy a bloom, the feel of the attached flower is more comfortable for the wearer:

crochet flower chrysanthemum
A new, less orderly crochet chrysanthemum

Shortly before dinner, I got it all put together:

elle woods crochet chemo cap
A revised version of the Elle Woods Legally Blonde crochet hat

I am happy to be working on the smaller projects in my current queue, but Lucille Seaman’s amazing crochet squid will, no doubt, inspire me in ways I don’t yet realize.



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  1. This Squid is amazingly well behaved compared to the ones in the wild, and has a playful bite that doesn’t hurt, mainly because he is so stuffed all the time…

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