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As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I used to summer at my grandmother’s. She lived on what was then the outskirts of Fresno, California, in a small (at least by today’s standards) house on a couple of acres of land.

Occasionally, when I would go to visit her, I would develop a summer cold and would be required to convalesce under her watchful eye.

Recuperating from a cold at my grandmother’s house required that one’s ailing body not be taxed by any television viewing or book reading that might deplete what little remained of a body’s energy stores and thereby interfere with the healing process.

To assist in the recovery, my grandmother would swaddle me first in a wool blanket that was then covered with a down comforter. Having taken these measures, my grandmother could rest assured that if the heat didn’t kill the germs, a lack of oxygen just might. With any luck, I, unlike the germs, would survive the wrap treatment and eventually be able to resume my summer vacation.

I am reminded of all this because the past few days I have been wrestling with a cold, and while it no longer has the better of me, for several days it did force me to curtail all of my activities, including crochet.

But today, I found myself able to get back into my crafting groove, and I completed an additional 13 rows of half double crochet:

Thirteen additional rows for six more dots
Thirteen additional rows for six more dots

Crocheting these thirteen rows allowed me to lay out more dots which comprise the second of what will be six rows of them:

I lay out more dots for the second row
I lay out more dots for the second row

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  1. Sorry to hear You were under the weather… thoughts of struggling under all of those blankets made me chuckle at the old thought processes and beliefs of those before us, and gave me pause to think how interesting it is that You create during NCSF season some of the largest blankets and how powerful it must feel that her smothering You in wool has not deterred You or given You a fear of yarn! Welcome back, missed you.

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