Going around in circles: the return of Dotghan 1.5

After the deep-freeze of the previous week, the moist and balmy weather on Friday was a welcome change of pace, and I took advantage of the warmer weather to work outside to finish felting the four potholders I had begun work on the previous day.

After half-an-hour of effort, however, a sudden change in the weather forced me and my potholders indoors.

Undeterred, I relocated to the kitchen and continued cranking my potholder and tennis ball filled Wonder Washer, and before it was time for lunch, I had finished with the felting.

After rolling the potholders between towels to get rid of as much of the excess moisture as I could, I carefully pinned them to my blocking mats, and in just two days, they were completely dry:

felted crochet potholders
Four fully felted crochet potholders

While I hint of ruffling remains, the potholders are officially finished, and tomorrow I will pack them up with a few other things, and send them off to their new home.

With the potholders consigned to crochet history, it did not take me long to find another project in need of attention. A cursory look around my new (but as yet to be organized) crochet empire headquarters brought me to Dotghan 1.5.

This project is the third in a series of afghans (you can read about Dotghan 1.0 here and Dotghan .25 here) that I had the idea to make from the first time I read about the game Dots.

I started by threading some color pieces of yarn through the stitches to use as guides for placing the crochet dots:

decorating a crochet blanket
I delinite a grid to guide the placement of the crochet dots

Then, after settling on an overall arrangement, I laid out the first row:

decorative crochet dots
I layout the first row of crochet dots

and then appliqued them into place:

crochet dots appliqued on a crochet blanket
and applique them into place

It is probable that Dotghan 1.5 will keep me busy most of the week. There are still about 100 rows of half-double stitches to crochet, and 30 additional dots to be placed and appliqued, but once it is done, I will have completed the troika of Dotghans that I first envisioned, and once the photographs are taken, I am sure that it will take me just a few minutes to find whatever is next.

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  1. Thank you for your blog posts. I very much like to read them.

    It is not clear to me how you did the felting. I thought one just had to throw the items in the washer and run a hot cycle with real soap (Sunlight) added!

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