Mother’s Day 2012

Today was Mother’s Day, and I spent most of it working on the Better Homes and Gardens Granny Square Sampler.

Because the time to finish this project seems to be slipping through my fingers, I looked to eliminate those things which could be eliminated in order to afford me more time to work onit.

As such, I took fewer photos thinking that reduced number of interruptions would result in greater efficiency. I’m not really sure that it worked that way, but I did finish 2 of the remaining 7 squares and made substantial progress on a third.

The square on which I made substantial progress is where I started my crochet day. Using Red Heart Super Saver medium purple, lavender, and dark orchid, I made the circular center of Square E-1:

crochet circle, crochetbug
The first four rounds of crochet Square E-1

In the above image, all of the colors are a bluer than they appear in life, and I was not able to get an accurate photo of the depth of the color of the last round, but the photo is true to the sentiment of what I was trying to achieve.

After finishing “Square” A-6 which is not, in fact, a square, but rather two five-round granny squares joined together, I started work on Square B-3, which is seen here with the first six of nine rounds completed:

crochet star crochet circle
I get a start on crochet Square B-3

I continued my work, but was at times plagued with color indecision which was not helped by today’s overcast skies and drizzling rain which forced me to work with indoor light, but despite the multiple hesitations, I did continue to move forward on this project:

join as you go crochet blanket
An overview of the crochet project right before tonight’s dinner

Tomorrow will be another gray day, and I will continue to do what I can to brighten it up through the magic of crochet.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2012

  1. Sooo loving your Beach blanket. Also so wish I could work on mine (have bought the book). Just have one little problem, when I orded my King Cole Bamboo yarn, missed ordering the red and another pink shade, so can not do any more till I have those colours. Boo Hoo. Also can’t order needed yarn until I know what other yarn/s I need as 6/7 pounds postage is great for a decent order but way too much for 2 balls.
    Oh well, just finish some UFO’S and hope my mojo for said blanket dose not go.

  2. Come on Leslie, You are almost there!!! The weather is icck down this way too. I am cheering for ya’ 🙂

  3. Did you use all half doubles on your soccer ball and no doubles? Thanks so much,

  4. Your work is so beautiful. You have such a good eye for matching colors together. I wish I did.

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