Moving forward on my January 2020 crochet projects

It’s been nineteen days since the winter solstice, and while the days are technically getting longer, they are still not long enough for me to pack in everything I want to get done in a day. Like a suitcase overflowing with the accoutrements needed for a year-long voyage, my crochet projects for January 2020 are piling up so fast and furiously that I have no idea how I will fit them all into the year, let alone a single thirty-one day month.

But I have no time to worry–I have crochet projects to finish–and today I managed to focus on one–count it, one–project.

Granted the project in question is composed of five discrete pieces, it is one project–namely the scrap yarn granny square sofa and chair cozies.

If I were willing to take a photo of my furniture as it is, you would see why I am making these cozies, but I won’t be taking any photos of the upholstered furniture until the magic rubber pet hair removal brush arrives, and I have had a week or two to put it.

In the meantime, I am preparing for what I believe will be a life transforming purchase by continuing work on the scrap yarn granny squares.

Part of the “continuation” included starting on the fourth of five scrap yarn granny squares, this one worked in blue yarn scraps:

A blue scrap yarn granny square; the first new granny square of January 2020
A blue scrap yarn granny square

I got a reasonable start, and then, using some pink yarn scraps I had unearned in my scrap yarn scavenge, I added to the pink granny square:

A pink scrap yarn granny square
A pink scrap yarn granny square

Like most scavenger missions, you don’t always find exactly what you are looking for, but you still manage to find what you need, so I also added to the green granny square with a large handful of the green scraps I had come across while searching for blue ones:

A green scrap yarn granny square
A green scrap yarn granny square

Not to be forgotten, I used some of the longer lengths of yellow scraps that I have amassed over the years, and I got the yellow scrap yarn granny square to within six inches of what will be it’s completed size:

A yellow scrap yarn granny square, my largest of January 2020
One yellow scrap yarn granny square

Then just to get a look at all of my January 2020 scrap yarn granny square crochet in one place, I stacked the squares in reverse order of current size, first adding the green crochet square:

Two scrap yarn granny squares
Two scrap yarn granny squares

Then the pink crochet square:

Three scrap yarn granny squares
Three scrap yarn granny squares

and finally, the newly minted (and still very small) blue crochet square:

Four scrap yarn granny squares 9/31st through January 2020
Four scrap yarn granny squares

With my myriad yarn scraps and an all-purpose granny square crochet tutorial to guide me, January 2020 is shaping up to be a month that I move forward on my crochet, one stitch, one square, and one project at a time.