Crochet by accretion

Scrap yarn crochet is not a hurried process. It requires time, thought, and patience. These are all lessons I need to learn as I ended up with so many yarn scraps because I was in a hurry to execute whatever idea it was I had at the moment; now that I have accumulated two decades of them, I have to mend my ways, and this effort at scrap yarn granny squares is forcing me to crochet by accretion.

The colors I am crocheting the squares are determined by the number and amount of yarn scraps I have in any given color, and I am using this granny square pattern to keep me on course. Each completed square needs to measure about two-feet across, so that means I need a substantial amount of yarn to be able to complete each one. A side benefit of all this scrap yarn crochet is that I am working my way through some of the many boxes I packed up almost two years ago now in an effort to find the scraps and use them.

Today, because I had come across a small cache of pink yarn scraps, I first worked on my pink square. Here is how it looked when I first started work on it:

A granny square made of scraps of pink yarn

And here is its transformation after I added at least seven new yarn scraps to the square:

The crochet square made of scraps of pink yarn after more rounds are added

Having exhausted my current cache of shorter pink yarn scraps, I turned my attention to the green square.

A crochet square made of scraps of green yarn

Working from the yarn scraps that were handy, I got busy, and to my delight, I managed to incorporated a green that had been giving me fits as it didn’t play nicely with the greens I had been using, but eventually, I found a place for it, and the square grew ever so much larger:

The crochet square made of scraps of green yarn after more rounds are added

After spending the afternoon working on crochet by accretion, this is what i had to show for my efforts:

Three scrap yarn granny squares in a mitered arrangement

Three increasingly larger granny squares that will one day be the crochet sofa cozies of my imagination:

The result of scrap yarn crochet by accretion

I will continue, one stitch at a time, until all of the cozies are done.