My close encounter

During our travels this past week, my youngest son and I got to attend the first and the last games of a three game baseball series that pitted the Oakland Athletics against the Baltimore Orioles.

My oldest son has been an avid fan of the A’s for as long as I can remember, and his enthusiasm for the team has not diminished in the least over the years; it was at his behest that my youngest son and I joined him in the left field bleachers — me with my crochet, my youngest with his trumpet, and my oldest with a drum and a gong — for an evening of baseball.

I had all of my unjoined Sunshine and Shadow squares and was joining them into rows while keeping (at best) half an eye out on the game. Then, somewhere in the top of the fifth inning when the Orioles were at bat and I was talking to a woman sitting behind me about crochet, Jonathan Schoop of the Orioles hit a two-run homer which, as luck would have it, was headed straight for me.

Fortunately I was sitting next to Sam (aka @cocofingers), another A’s fan as devoted as my oldest son, and he deflected the homerun ball with his drum, saving me from getting smacked in the head by a baseball, and leaving me to crochet the rest of that evening as well of much of Sunday’s game where I finished the work of joining the squares into rows:

eight rows of crochet squares that I plan to join during the baseball game
I join the last eight rows of Sunshine and Shadow

That left me with the task of joining the already completed rows into panels which I did yesterday while traveling from one side of the continent to the other. Here is how far I was when I finally got to my crochet today:

three crochet panels of crochet squares done during my close encounter
Three panels in need of joining

and here is the nearly completed Sunshine and Shadow baby blanket in need of a border (possibly) and blocking (most definitely):

rainbow crochet squares blanket
Sunshine and shadow in need of a border and blocking

My baseball adventures are now a permanent part of this project, and as the Little Prince notes in the book bearing his name: that which is essential is invisible to the eye.

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  1. Your creations put a SMILE on my face! Thank you for sharing your crochet journey with your followers. Looking forward to “Fair” season!

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