My crochet to-do list

I got a lot done today, but what I am left thinking of are all the things I didn’t get done.

I started the day by tackling the stash-bag-that-would-not-be-finished. I nearly finished it yesterday, but then got part way through one handle and set it aside. This morning, I put it at the top of the list and did not allow myself to do anything else until every last stitch had been made and every end woven in.

Here is how it looked when I had finished all the crochet work, but still had ends to weave in:

crochet stash basket
Crochet stash bag 7 finally finished

Shortly after the above photo was taken, I got the ends woven in and the bag stuffed to the brim with more of my stash:

crochet stash basket filled with yarn
Overview of crochet stash bag 7 filled with yarn

crochet stash basket filled with yarn
Side view of crochet stash bag 7 filled with yarn

The next item on my agenda of things to tackle was my bookcase. It was just awful to look at, and I was not able to find things I wanted to get my hands on. I have yet to find my copy of Mr. Funky’s Super Wonderful Crochet, but after today, I know that I am at least getting closer to the moment of discovery and getting this precious tome back where it belongs.

Here is how my crochet bookcase looked when I got up this morning:

crochet books on an ikea billy
My crochet bookcase before

Here it is after I spent an hour removing and then replacing everything:

crochet books on an ikea billy
My crochet bookcase after a small bit of purging and some reorganization

I haven’t yet figured out exactly how I want the titles organized, but the new arrangement makes it much easier for me to find a specific title, and when I am not in the throes of preparing for house guests, I will be better able to sort through the books and determine which ones I can part with.

Having completed these two tasks, I was then able to turn my attention to another attempt at making Square 30 from Jean Leinhauser’s book 101 Crochet Squares. While my first attempt resulted in an interesting square:

Crochet granny square
Crochet Square 30

I knew that I hadn’t gotten the stitch referred to as the “petal stitch” right, and I wanted to know what it would look like done without my impromptu variation. To that end, I got out one of my favorite variegated Red Heart Super Saver yarns (Marrakesh) and a coordinating color from the Multi-color Coordinate list (Cornmeal).

I made the first two rounds of the motif using Cornmeal:

crochet circle
Center of crochet square 30

and I then used the Marrakesh to finish the square. Unlike the last time, however, I correctly executed the petal stitch which resulted in a squarer square:

crochet granny square with petal crochet stitch
Crochet Square 30 redux

Tomorrow will be a new (albeit it somewhat shorter) day, and I am looking forward to crossing a few more things off of my crochet to-do list.

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