My first Christmas goat

Today my mother and I went to the board and care where my cousins live and had a belated pre-Chistmas celebration with my cousins and the people with whom they share their lives and while I was excited to work on my first ever Christmas goat, I waited until the festivities were over and we had made our way home.

The hats I had made for the occasion:

Ten seafarers' crochet caps
Ten seafarers’ caps, ready to wear

were well received (as was the lunch from a nearby KFC) and after an afternoon that was both sweet and somber, we made our way back to our respective homes.

My errands, however, were not quite done, but by four o’clock, I was able to sit down with my then as-yet-to-be-completed Christmas goat to see what I could get done before sunset.

The day before, I had finished crocheting the legs, so all that was left was to attach four legs, two horns, a tail, and a beard, and embroider two eyes and a nose.

Here is how he looked before I got the legs attached:

a crochet goat in need of legs
A crochet goat ready to have the legs attached

here he is, standing on his own:

Scampering crochet Christmas goat
My Christmas goat standing on his own

and here he can be seen scampering across the deck:

crochet Christmas goat in action
My crochet Christmas goat in action

I don’t know if my Christmas goat is as wonderful as I think he is, but I do know that he needs some companions, and between now and Christmas Day, I will make him as many goat friends as I possibly can.


5 thoughts on “My first Christmas goat

  1. Hats off! to you! and having had goats in my dark and distant past, you should know that this one definitely has that “goatie” vibe! Heidi would approve!

  2. He is adorable! I also had a real goat in my distant past, whom I loved dearly! My Bucky would also approve! 🙂

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