My pursuit of the über poncho

“Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

Booker T. Washington

Maybe Booker T. Washington wasn’t wasn’t referencing my efforts to make what I think of as my über poncho-to-be, but if hard work is an indication that something will be worthwhile, then this poncho should be spectacular.

I have read time and time again about the value of swatching, and I’m sure that is incredibly valuable tool, except when it is not.

Yesterday in my pursuit of a scrap yarn poncho, I took time to make the swatch seen here:

A granny strip swatch I made in pursuit of a crochet granny poncho
A granny strip swatch I made in pursuit of a crochet granny poncho

Using the measurements from this swatch, I determined the number of stitches needed for the base chain and began work on the poncho-to-be.

I dutifully counted the 96 stitches that would form the foundation of this project, joined the first stitch to the last, and moved forward.

I carefully chained 3 and then worked a double crochet into each of the next two chains, creating (as it were) the first 3 dc cluster. I chained one, skipped one chain on the foundation, and then worked one double crochet into each of the next three chains.

After I completed the first round, I was careful to add an extra 3dc cluster to the front and the back, creating the points that typify a poncho, and add the increases needed to create a well-fitting garment.

I did this until I had completed four rounds.

At that point, I took a break to make sure the poncho-to-be would fit over my head.

I found that not only did it fit over my head, it slipped down my shoulders.


It had taken me what felt like f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get to my crochet today, my progress seemed minimal, and I was reluctant to pull out even one stitch.

I tried adding a single crochet border to the neckline. Not hideous, but completely unsatisfactory.

I tried adding a slip stitch. Hideous and completely unsatisfactory.

Finally at 4:21 pm EST, I did what I had to do, and I frogged my work, uncertain that I would have anything to photograph before sunset.

But it seems that either the adrenaline or caffeine (or both) kicked in, and I not only frogged what needed frogging, but I got this far in my pursuit of a scrap yarn poncho before the daylight was completely gone:

granny stripe crochet poncho to be
One side of my uber crochet poncho to be

granny stripe crochet poncho to be
The other side of my uber crochet poncho to be

While the incessant admonitions to make a gauge swatch probably have value, sometimes a swatch does not, in fact, accurately translate into the world of ponchos, and there is no substitute for hard work.

5 thoughts on “My pursuit of the über poncho

  1. I used to be deadset against granny square anything, but lately, I’m loving it instead. I like what you’ve go going so far. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. LOL I too have swatched and had it be a complete lie! your boo-boo makes me feel ever so much better. your work looks great keep it up.hopefully now it will go quickly.

  3. I hate making swatches…it never turns out exactly like it should! Your poncho looks geat so far!

  4. I think I always “skip” the swatch step..which of course I shouldn’t! Can’t wait to see your pretty poncho..the color combo is really lovely!

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